What We Take and When

We take clothing, accessories and housewares all day! The clothing items we are looking for must be in great condition and in the first half of life. The item being in season or within a few weeks of the next season increases the chances that the item is purchased for full price.

* Please indicate NO on the check in sheet and stay to pick up your items if you want them returned to you. At the end of the consignment period all clothing and home décor is donated to these local charities unless you come in to pick up. No exceptions.

We support and donate to these local non-profit charities:
We Care – clothing to low income Whatcom County residents
WeSnip – housewares items-low income spay/neuter for dogs, cats and feral cat spay/neuter,
and Ragfinery – artistic recycling of landfill-bound fabrics.
All do excellent community work in Bellingham!

We begin to take seasonal items on approximately this schedule:

Fall items August 1st
Winter items October 1st
Spring items February 1st
Summer items May 1st
(It may change a bit depending on weather trends.)

How we decide what to take:

Our goal is to take items that will sell. We always look for Cute, Current and Clean items. We look for items that will sell well, that our customers are looking for and that will make you money. We may have to reject a cute item because of a stain, cigarette smell, pet hair,
moth ball smell or perfume.

The items need to be in current styling (within the past 3-5 years). Even if an item is in good condition it may still be rejected because of our experience with that type of item not selling well. We do our homework on brands and current selling prices. If you have an expensive item we would like to talk with you about pricing it. If you are unsure of why we are not taking an item please do not hesitate to ask why; we are happy to give you an explanation.

Shirts/Blouses: We check shirts for stains on the front, cuffs, neck line and under arms, we look for holes, working zippers, buttons attached, pilling under arms and general wear all over.

Pants/Jeans: Pants must be modern and have a flattering fit to the body! For example – dress pants with wide waist bands are flattering to most figures but skinny waist bands pinch in and allow the muffin to spill over. Pants with pleats and pants that are baggy do not sell. In order for pants to sell they must have a working zipper, all buttons attached, no fuzzy crotch wear or shredded bottoms. We want our items to last the customer even if they only paid $5.00.

Shoes: Shoes that have toe marks or dirty insides are rejected as are shoes with scuffs and worn bottoms. Some styles of shoes do not sell well such as loafers and plain, older style pumps and platforms.

Dresses: Bellingham is a casual town but we do like our cute dresses. Dresses need to be flattering to a variety of women’s shapes, for example – just about every women can wear an A-line dress or a wrap dress. We prefer to take classy, modern, cocktail length and not ankle length dresses. Long dresses that hang straight down to the ankle without the tailored look do not sell at all because they do nothing for our figures.

Housewares: We take an assortment of items, please ask if you have any questions. Every housewares item is looked over very well depending on the item. We look for cracks, breaks, chips, scratches, sun damage, flaws, missing parts, working appliances, stains, tears and overall condition of the item. We love home décor items that are the size that 2 women and a hatchback can take away!