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Style Sessions & Consultations

There is no one way to dress “right”, and our style is as diverse as we are. Most style guides are vague, and while they can help categorize your body shape or your skin tone, they often fail to see the full picture of You. When you attend a Labels Style Session, our stylists do not teach you how to dress. Instead, we provide you the tools to build a wardrobe that best represents how you want to be seen; utilizing your strongest color palette and most complimentary fashion choices.

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Style Services at Labels

Style Sessions

Style Sessions are free, 10-minute, individual assessments. They are held every Tuesday from 10am-1pm at our James Street location, with no appointment necessary. You will discover the clothing styles best suited to your body shape and understand the most optimal palette for your coloring!

30 for $30

A 30 for $30 Style Consultation provides you with half an hour of time with a Labels stylist who can help you style items you already own, shop for upcoming trips or events, and help you look and feel your best!

60 for $60

A 60 for $60 Style Consultation will give you the opportunity to work with a Labels stylist on selecting clothing styles from various categories, best suited for your shape and in the most optimal color palette. When you book a 60 for $60, you will also receive a style packet, customized just for you!

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What people are saying...

“I had a great time with my friends having time away from responsibilities to just shop and hangout, something I normally never make time for. I enjoyed learning what colors suit me, and was super excited to discover some bold colors on the thumbs up list that I didn’t expect! Everything I had before was skinny jeans, hitting right in the middle of my belly. I’m a lot more aware why none of my pants feel good on me.”

- Nicole B.

“Shawna wasn’t there to change how I dress myself. She helped me express myself the way I want to be seen.”

- Ashley R.