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Not Your Average Garage Sale: How Your Donations Help Our Community!

Dianne, the director of Snip Snip Hooray, was wrapping up a conversation with their volunteer Clock Lead (a woman who tests each donated clock and ensures it is viable for sale) when I pulled into the storage facility. Three units–filled to the brim with home goods–greeted me, and I smiled when I recognized some of the artwork as pieces I had passed on at our Northwest Intake desk. As Dianne gave me the tour, I saw even more familiar items from consignments past.

Snip Snip Hooray is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded just this past September by passionate community members. Their mission is to provide funding for low-income folks in Whatcom County who need to get their pets spayed or neutered. Dianne helped create the fundraisers that allowed WeSnip to find success for many years, and when that organization dissolved, she and her team of volunteers picked the mission right back up and started again under a new name: Snip Snip Hooray!

Beauty Display, October 2022 Fundraiser
Art Display, October 2022 Fundraiser
Decor Display, October 2022 Fundraiser

Currently, there are about 15 volunteers, and each has their own categories of items that they focus on. They are tasked with sorting, testing, and pricing each item before storing it for the next fundraiser. Many of these items are picked up weekly from the housewares storage at our Northwest Labels, where we store items that our consignors have kindly donated to us! Their last fundraiser in October has made it possible to fully fund their applicants’ spay and neuter surgeries to date, and they are just getting started.

Ronda and Crissy, Snip Snip’s Treasurer and Secretary respectively, spoke with me about the positive impact this organization and its fundraisers have had on the community, even in the few months they have been around. They gushed about the joy of seeing repeat shoppers each day at the fundraiser and getting to see the joy from beneficiaries who are able to get a simple yet essential procedure done on their furry loved ones. As one person told them “This is going to make so many lives easier.”

The next Snip Snip Hooray fundraiser is scheduled for February 10-12, 2023. Check their website and Facebook for more updates!


If you or someone you know may be eligible for financial assistance from Snip Snip Hooray, you can apply by emailing them at

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