8 Fashion Trend for Fall 2015

We thought it would be fun to come up with our favorite fashion trends for fall 2015, so here are 8 big fall trends. They are all super versatile and of course you’ll always find your favorite trends at Labels!

Plaid is everywhere!  From coats to dresses to backpacks.  Plus pretty much everyone looks adorable in a tomboy shirt.  They make me want to head straight out for a hayride and a hot chocolate.



 Bucket Bags
I love bucket bags!  These bags were big in the 70’s, but these days the shapes are simpler and more discreet.  Throw one over your shoulder and you have an instant look.



Flares and High Wasted
Take a break from the skinny jean and pull on some flares or super high wasted instead this fall season. Elongate your legs by wearing them with high heels or chic wedges. Many brands have been super successful with their 1970’s-style jeans all year, and I have seen tons of gals around town wearing them.

High wasted


The 70’s Vibe
If you feel like reliving the last days of disco, now is the time to do it. Designers looked to the decade that brought us Saturday Night Fever for inspiration this fall, which means lots of flares, as we mentioned, plus knits and boho silhouettes. Fun!



Cool Hosiery
Basic black stockings will always be chic, but by the end of the season, they’re so played out! New colors and geometric patterns will give your outfit the spark it needs.



Statement Jewelry
Minimal effort, maximum impact: Sparkly earrings, chunky necklaces and cocktail rings are the chicest way to accessorize this season.  For items that have a lot to say but don’t cost a lot of money, head into either Labels store for your best price on costume jewelry isn’t too expensive if you know the right place to look. 

Chunky Necklaces


Winter Florals
When compared with a teal or red background, floral prints work for winter. Team them with traditional cold-weather fabrics like suede or wool to keep them from feeling too spring-y. The trick to pulling this look off though is not to wear Spring/Summer pastels and flowy frocks, but instead to rock graphic print florals that say “What up cold weather… bring. It. on.”



Chunky Sweaters
Sometimes a gal just wants to cuddle up in the biggest sweater possible, right? Well you’re in luck, because designers are providing tons of options this season. Balance extra bulk with a slimmer silhouette on bottom or soft basics under your favorite multi texture cardigan. One of my favorite looks!


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